Wednesday Things

1. Yesterday, Rachael pointed out that the DailyHIIT website is tremendously difficult to navigate; I have to agree. I get the workouts by following the girl on Facebook, then clicking on her albums, and finding the workout for the day. Seems like a lot of trouble, but the workouts are free, so I can’t complain. I suppose I like them enough that it’s worth the trouble to me. But for you, here’s today’s workout. If you click on it, it’ll take you to the video on YouTube that demos all the exercises. hiit body

2. The Americans has me totally hooked. I may or may not have watched 5 episodes last weekend after reading Paula’s post about it, and I have to say, I totes agree with her. Such a good show. Keri Russell? Obsessed. On more than one occasion, people have told me she’s my doppleganger, which is possibly the most generous compliment I’ve ever been paid. Personally, I don’t see it.

the americans

3. I can’t stop eating this vegan taco salad: black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, TJ’s soy chorizo and soy jack cheese, and romaine with lemon juice and salt and pepper to dress it. I even made it for Manfriend the other night. Nope, not meat and potatoes (which is what I think you’re supposed to make the first time you cook for someone?), but vegan taco salad with soy chorizo and cheese. He told me he liked it multiple times. Which means either a). he really did like it or b). he really does like me.

Crappy photo by iPhone.

Crappy photo by iPhone.

4. Work is slow this week, so some nail painting has occurred. This color looks much more 80’s on (it’s sligthly neon in person) than I thought it did in the bottle, but I won’t let a decent manicure go to waste, so I’ll sport it for now. Maybe it’ll be less harsh on my toes?

photo 1

5. My shelf looked a little unstable last weekend, so I took the glass part down so I could tighten the screws. Then I broke the glass into 80 gazillion teeny tiny pieces all over my bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and bedroom. In case you were wondering, the glass is tempered, so it breaks into granules rather than shards, but a lot of them are the size of a grain of sand. And if you don’t have a dustpan? It’s next to impossible to clean them up. I fail at life.


6. I ran this morning, and it felt so ridiculously good. Amanda really hit the nail on the head last week in her post: “I zone out, I zone in. I push myself, I find myself, and I feel like my best self when I am running.” Yep. Me too.

photo 3

7. Her. That’s all.

photo 2


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Things

  1. applesandglue says:

    I need to check out that show, I’ve heard good things about it! And bummer about the shelf. Oops. Love the nail polish!

  2. Roo is so cute 🙂 I agree.

    I LOOOOOVE The Americans. Last week’s episode was so good. I can see the dopplegangerness (new word) to Keri Russell. Something about your eyes and hair (well, when it was longer).

  3. Ahhh, don’t tell me about ANY more good shows until I catch up on Girls 🙂
    So much good TV, so little time *sigh*
    Can I please kidnap Roo?! She is so darn cute, I can’t stand it!
    And can I get a WOOOOO-WHOOOOOOO for you running again! Just in time for Spring – love it!

    • You know something? I am not loving season 2 of Girls like I did season 1. And all the TV will wait for you! No worries!

      Isn’t she just the greatest dog ever? I need to go home and get some cuddles from her. But I would let you borrow her, I suppose ;)


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