Quick HIIT Workout

In the interest of preventing any further injuries, I’ve dedicated myself to keeping up with my strength training. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know this is kind of a big deal since I basically used to hate strength training with a fiery passion. Part of it certainly came from the fact that I didn’t want to gain mass, but I realized that I was running so much that I was actually losing muscle which makes zero sense for someone who wants to be able to run for a long time.

denial.gifI already knew from running in high school that any amount of strength training was going to give me runner’s legs. For me, that means bigger quads. So while I wasn’t all that comfortable with that idea initially, I’ve put on my big girl pants and realized my need to be a strong and healthy runner trumps my need to have slender thighs.


Slender and strong rather than just skinny.

But the cool thing that’s also happening is that my legs–and the rest of me, for that matter–are becoming more toned. It took about 3 months of consistent strength training (this is when I wasn’t running, mind you) to notice, but there’s definitely more definition there. It’s kind of nice to see that the work I’m doing is actually having a payoff, you know?

At any rate, I’m sticking with the Daily HIIT workouts pretty regularly, although rather than doing exactly what they’re doing, I typically modify the workouts based on the equipment I have available, how early I get out of bed (and thus, how much time I have), and the muscle groups I want to work.

After a quick, watch-less 3 miler with Roo, I did the following workout this morning. I was done in 20 minutes, and it hurt in the best way possible.quick hiitSince some of these require some explanation, I’ll do my best. Not ready to post pictures of myself working out just yet. Plus, Roo’s not that great with the camera. 😉

  1. Weighted Squats: I use my sandbag (15 lbs.) and rest it on my shoulder while doing standard squats. These can be done without weight, too.
  2. Diamond Pushups: Rather than a standard push-up, put your hands directly beneath your chest, and make a diamond/triangle shape with them so your forefingers and thumbs are touching.
  3. Alternating Sumo Squats w/Weight: I use my sandbag for these as well, but they can be done without weight, too. Lower into a wide squat, then come up and lift your left leg out to the side to about waist height. Lower again and repeat on the right.
  4. 10 Mountain Climbers/10 Hikers: I did these with my upper body slightly elevated, but you can do them on the floor. You can rest your hands on the edge of a coffee table or chair. The mountain climbers are standard, and the hikers are just like mountain climbers, but you bring your knee up towards your shoulder/underarm rather than straight up.
  5. Elevated Frog Plank: Go into a standard plank position, but rest your feet on the edge of a chair, couch, coffee table, etc. Bring your knee up toward your shoulder/underarm and extend your leg back to rest on the chair. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Elevated In & Out/Ski Abs: Like the mountain climbers, I did these with my upper body elevated, but on the floor is fine, too. Start in a plank position. Keeping your hands on the floor, jump with your feet together towards your chest and back. That’s one in & out. Then, jump side to side, feet together in a “V” motion. Your feet should land outside your shoulder, then back in the center, then outside the other shoulder and back to the center.

Hope that makes sense! Maybe I’ll get brave enough to do a video post at some point, but for now, let me know if you have questions about these!

I also really like the format of working for time rather than reps. Just when you’ve had enough, it’s time to switch to the next exercise. It’s fun and fast-paced.



7 thoughts on “Quick HIIT Workout

  1. you legs look great! and you’re only gonna get stronger and sexier. watch out world! oh, and where can I get one of those green boots your friend is wearing? She’s totally rockin it. 😉

  2. I don’t like to strength train either, although I know it is so important (and necessary) for a fitness routine and overall good health. I am going to try and make myself go to BodyPump a couple of times a week, I just haven’t taken started that yet…

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