A Post About Nothing

It’s been a bit of a rough week for me on the emotional front. Thank God Paula is happy to receive and respond to 10 dozen obsessive/whiny emails from me every day, or I might not have made it. And she doesn’t care that I’m sometimes a total idiot/lunatic/asshole. She’s always on my side regardless.

memorable friendsLove you, P!

mandpContributing to my emotional messiness this week was a pretty serious case of homesickness that kind of took me by surprise. I guess Easter snuck up on me, and while I haven’t been home for Easter much over the last few years, this year I was missing my family. Truly, I haven’t been all that homesick since I moved almost a year ago. So I guess it had to happen eventually. I envy those of you who are fortunate enough to live close to your family–be grateful!

My mom must’ve zeroed in on my brain waves (moms know) and posted this beyond adorbs pic of me and my little brother on Facebook yesterday.

melissanoahPlease note that I am IN the crib with him. Fake reading a story because I was about 3 here. Also note that I was rocking the flat bill hat before it was cool.

I also channeled the past by wearing a locket that my grandparents got me in high school.


Yes, those would be drawings created in physics or speech or some such class of a guy and his chick. Exclusively produced so my locket would not be empty. I will never replace them.

Finally, lots of puppy snuggles consoled me. I am so obsessed with this dog, it’s not even funny.

puppyeyesrooShe is my heart.

Other depressing parts of my week:

  1. I have eaten a baked potato for dinner nearly every night. “I’ve given up, and I know I need to eat but done care what it is” food. I didn’t even realize I was in this pattern until last night, when I decided to switch it up and have a smoothie.
  2. I got really bummed when I realized “real” TV season is ending soon and only crap shows like Splash (has anyone seen this garbage?) will be on all summer long. Not that I watch a ton of TV, but I like one hour of good entertainment a few times a week. My DVR will be sad. I might have to get a real life.
  3. The IRS is taking all my money. OK, not all. But a lot. Good think I like baked potatoes.
  4. I’m really concerned that my metals don’t match. So concerned that I took a very awkward selfie (is there any other kind?) in the bathroom at work so I could send it to Paula and have her assure me that I don’t look like a fashion disaster. Please note the awkward pose in attempt to showcase the fact that my watch is gold while my belt buckle is silver. image

/post about nothing

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14 thoughts on “A Post About Nothing

  1. Awww, I love you!
    I get the homesick thing sometimes. Although, I think it’s just family sick because they are mostly in San Diego and I am the furthest away I can be from them. I want to be closer. I need my mommy, you know? I get that way around holidays/mother’s day so be prepared for my whiney/obsessive emails in t-minus one month.
    I’ve solved your DVR problems: Start watching Veronica Mars. 🙂

  2. Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    Sorry you had a rough week M. I hope that the weekend brings you lots of fun, happiness and laughter. Mixing metals is all the rage rt now… You look fabulous!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. hhrunner says:

    I love posts about nothing. And I live 20 minutes from my parents and I STILL get homesick. Totally normal. Also, mixed metals are totes in right now, I think. And if they’re not, I’m screwed. 😉 ❤ love you!

  4. applesandglue says:

    Aw sorry to hear about the rough week and homesickness. 😦 I do love your outfit btw, you look great!

  5. *Hugs* (yes, even from me!) You are always loveable – even when you don’t think you are!

    Also – I love that picture of you and your brother. Braeden reads to Livie now — but I know someday that will be Livie this little guy/girl. It makes me so happy 🙂

    Cheer up Charlie! (I’m full of this Willie Wonka quotes, btw)

  6. Ali says:

    I totally get the homesick thing. I feel homesick for a “home” that doesn’t exist anymore. My mom is moving to Arizona with my step-dad soon and my brother will likely be going back to Eastern Europe to live with his wife and 1 and 1/2 kids (new baby on the way!). Meanwhile, here I am trying to figure out this thing called life with no anchor – like I feel like my foundation has been broken. Boo to that!

    I have been seriously considering getting a dog but I get so worried that I won’t have the time to devote to them. I work long hours and then feel worried that I would be leaving them home alone too much. However, seeing pics of Roo makes me want to reconsider. I think it might help with my loneliness.

    BTW, outfit looks great! I found a way to counter the whole coordinating metals thing. I only buy watches that have silver and gold. Although a few years back my ex did buy me a beautiful silver watch so I do sometimes still wear that. I also LOVE that you wear a watch. Most of my friends think I’m a weirdo for wearing a watch (like it’s so Old School or something) when everyone carries a cell phone anyway. There’s just something comforting about a watch for me 😉

    • Oh my gosh, Ali, that has to be so hard to feel like you don’t have a home any more. I guess home is where our family is, right? Wherever that happens to be. 🙂

      Dogs are a ton of work and they do require a lot of time. I love Roo so much that I don’t even mind, but you definitely don’t have the freedom you do when you’re puppy-less.

      Thanks! I love watches. I had to go gold this time because it has a pink second hand, and really I just HAD to have it.

  7. Oh gosh I totally feel ya about the summer TV thing. I HATE summer TV! Do you watch Mad Men/Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad? Those will be on through the summer months….at least part of them. But yes, I’ve also been down in the dumps this week, especially after Mich lost 😦

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