Training Update

I’m a little more with it today; juice cleanse = abandoned.

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I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent person, but sometimes I do stupid things. This is a phenomenon my college best friend and I used to refer to as, “Book Smart, Life Dumb.” I had planned to do this juice cleanse and continue with my half marathon training, which is a really stupid thing to do. Before I even started the cleanse yesterday morning, I ran 4 miles, burning more calories than I would consume the entire day. I also ran a total of 12 miles over the weekend, so I’m sure I was still replenishing from that to some extent.

For now, I’m going to stick the juices in the freezer and perhaps I’ll do a 2-day cleanse when I’m no longer training. But for now? I have zero interest in the juice cleanse. Or in drinking anything that combines kale and apples. I know these people are professionals, but I would not pay to drink that again.

Moving on. Let’s talk training. I know this girl likes to share her plan for the week ahead, but I’m not that ambitious, so I’ll just tell you what I did last week. Cool? Cool.

Half Marathon #7 Training: Week 1

Monday: 4 miles easy

Tuesday:  3 miles easy, Elevated HIIT Workout

Elevated HIIT Workout

Videos: Elevated Lunge (+ a shoulder press), Elevated Spider Plank (w/o push-up), Assisted Pull-ups, Oblique Twist, Low JacksDancing Crab

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run. My DailyMile entry says it all:

tempo runThursday: 2 miles easy, this workout

Friday: REST

Saturday: 10 miles @8:39 <–very proud of myself for keeping my pace nice and easy on this one!

Sunday: 2 miles easy

So that’s what’s happening with that. I really wanted to get in another strength workout on Sunday, but I wound up feeling pretty lousy in the evening, so I skipped it and watched 4 episodes of Ringer on Netflix instead. I am so cool.


8 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. Of course you are cool. I’m happy you’ve decided not to be life dumb! I DO think cleanses can be good for you BUT not when you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. I’m also proud of you for “taking it easy” on your long run!

    I miss Ringer – I wish it came back this year 😦

  2. It sounds like you made a smart decision. When we’re training we need important nutrients to keep us going, and I’m not sure you really get all that with juice. Enjoy normal food again:)

  3. I’m a little bit giggly. Is that okay? I haven’t written about it yet, but my own cleanse (2 weeks ago?) turned into abbreviated versions of it each day. The detox headaches are what got me. I couldn’t take the splitting headaches!

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