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This post is, at best, moderately interesting, but I feel like I haven’t talked about much of interest lately, so I figured a random mash up of things on my mind wouldn’t hurt. It’s just, you know, life stuff.

1. I now take the Metro (DC’s version of the Subway) to work. Somehow, I just kept my head down on the bus and paid as little attention as possible to the people around me. This is not the case on Metro. For one, I’m underground so my phone doesn’t work. For another, I’d get too motion sick trying to read anything. This leaves one choice remaining: people watching. I am alternately appalled and fascinated by the things I see.  Like the Patrick Swayze doppelganger? Truly remarkable. But the number of grown, adult, professional women going to work with their hair wet? Appalling. I know. I’m awful.


2. I know a lot of people think the Before Sunrise and Before Sunset movies are ridiculous and pretentious, but I just love them. So  romantical. But, like, real life romance, you know? Anyway, I came across this list of An A-to-Z Guide to Celine and Jesse’s Conversations in Before Sunrise and Before Sunsetand I love love love it. Like really really love. I know. I’m so descriptive.

3. Today I had a (vegan) Baked Falafel and Chickpea salad from Sweetgreen for lunch, and it was omgdelicous. I’m already scheming about how I’ll recreate it at home. Or hijack the Sweetgreen folks for the recipe.

Chic P

4. It is a great aspiration of mine to have a fantastic self-tan that is more  Jennifer Aniston than Kardashian on the spectrum. I’ve always been a fair, freckly girl, so an actual tan has never been a real possibility for me. I hated this as a teen, but the fact that I will (probably) ultimately have fewer wrinkles because of it makes me happy now. Anyway,  I recently picked up some St. Tropez bronzing spray at Sephora, and while I occasionally find myself weeping over the exorbitant price tag, I am mostly totally and completely smitten. It’s golden and natural and lovely.

st tropez bronzing spray

5. I tried a not-to-be named brand of kombucha in a can the other day. You know by now that I am a confirmed kombucha lover and find its puckery-ness delightful, but this variety? Was like straight vinegar. I’m typically too cheap to waste anything and pour it down the drain, but this stuff was so awful that I couldn’t even make my thrifty self drink it. Kids: just say “NO!” to mini cans of kombucha.

6. D.C. has decided it’s cold, and I don’t know–March? so we’re having a lot of cold and wind happening this Memorial Day weekend. It is, however, somewhat fun to think that a year ago I had just moved here and was running around making a spectacle of myself. Seriously, though, this year has gone by so quickly and so slowly all at once. I daresay it’s been one of my best yet. Apparently, I dig my 30s.


9 thoughts on “Life and Stuff

  1. welcome to the metro life. the worst thing ever. haha. I am the same way, can’t read so I literally just people watch. aka I can write posts about the characters on it. Unreal. I am happy my new job reduces my metro travel by a ton. thank goodness. Sweetgreen, jesus i love that place but can it please be less expensive? the only time I got it was when my job paid for it….

    • I know–it’s definitely not an every day lunch for me! If I come up with a good way to recreate that salad, I’ll definitely post about it! 🙂


  2. Ali says:

    OMG, the list!

    I love these, so freakin’ true:

    B – Breakups
    “You know what’s the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? Is when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with, and you realize that that is how little they’re thinking about you.” — Jesse

    Y – Youth
    “I guess when you’re young you you just believe there’s be many people with whom you connect … Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.” — Celine

    Thanks for mentioning this list. It’s a good one.


  3. Thanks for the catch up post – live to keep up w/ya! 😉 miss u girlie! Still cold there? Weird – ill send u some sunshine ASAP – I ran 4 miles this am!!!!! Awesome rt?!? Hope u have a great weekend! Off to the pool w/Glen!!

    Xoxo from Trinidad

    Hugs to ROO

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