Training Update

Well, here we are. My last week of training before my race on Saturday. I love the process of training so much that I’m a little sad already. There’s something about waking up before the rest of the world to run, accomplishing tough tempo workouts, and logging 30ish miles a week that I’m somewhat addicted to. I love the sense of purpose and anticipation that training gives me, and while I know my body can’t handle training all the time, I think I’d be happy if I were training about 75% of the time. Not marathon training, mind you–I didn’t enjoy that much at all–but the half is the perfect distance for me. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. And while it’s not easy, I know it’s something my body can handle. 33c093b3d458dc3b8de3d0e22135caf5

I probably haven’t trained as hard or as seriously as I could have for this race. I could’ve pushed my paces a bit more, hammered a little harder on my speedwork, and strength trained more. But I was definitely a bit more hesitant than I’ve been in the past given how burnt out I was from marathon training last fall and the hip/back/hamstring nonsense that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’ve decided I’d rather have a long running career than a fast one, so I’m not expecting any miracles on Saturday. No more 20 minute PR’s or even a time in the 1:30’s. If it happens, I’ll be thrilled, of course. Shocked, but thrilled. But I’m not expecting it. My main goals are to come in somewhere in the low 1:40’s and to enjoy the run. Both realistic and attainable goals.

Here’s what went down this past week:

Half Marathon #7 Training–Week 6

Monday: 5 miles easy

Tuesday: 5 miles easy, upper body strength training

Wednesday: Mile repeats–6 miles total w/ 3 x 1 mile @7:24

I was miserable during this run. It was really humid outside, so I figured I’d give the treadmill a shot. I realized I hadn’t been on the treadmill since about October, and I hadn’t missed it one bit.  Was pretty sluggish the whole time and really had to talk myself through the mile repeats because mentally, I just wasn’t there. I did it, but I didn’t like it. What I did like, however, was the feeling of accomplishment I had when I finished. Always worth it.

Thursday: 4 miles easy

Friday/Saturday: REST

Sunday: 10 miles @8:18 pace

I’ve been a little under the weather with some congestion and a cough for the last week, so I figured I’d play it smart and keep my pace a little more conservative for this run. I didn’t feel too bad, and I know the relaxed pace helped a lot. No aches or pains, either, so that’s a win.

Feeling ready for Saturday! And just to be sure I’m ready, I treated myself to some new racing shorts yesterday. How could you not have a great race wearing these? 

I’m also pretty excited because Manfriend is coming along with me to the race. I know spectating races isn’t the most thrilling thing in the world, but in the past I’ve been pretty bummed when I haven’t had anyone there with me so it means a lot to have at least one fan. That guy. Yeah, he’s kind of great.


4 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. I actually enjoy spectating races! If you really get into it, the runner’s reaction/responses are so enjoyable! I don’t think I’ve ever been thanked so much for heckling people (“You guys are crazy!” etc)

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