Suffering Through My Own Stupidity

Often occasionally, I’m not very smart. 

Example: I typically forget I have asthma until I’m wheezing and feeling like I’m drowning in the heat and humidity. This may or may not have happened at last weekend’s race.

Example 2: Sometimes I don’t exactly pay attention when my body is sending me signals that something’s not right. Case in point: a week or so before the race, I woke up seeing halos which I know is a symptom of a migraine. Basically, you see spots of light that follow your line of vision and only go away when you close your eyes. It’s a little disorienting, but not the end of the world. However, if you don’t know what’s happening, it’s freaky as hell. As luck would have it, it’s happened to me before, so I didn’t give it much thought. Plus, it went away after 30 minutes or so–not a big deal then, right? I had also gotten a pretty poor night’s sleep the night before, so I assumed that it might be related to that, took some ibuprofen for my lingering headache, and got on with my day. Read: I forgot about it, even thought halos + headache = migraine symptoms. Duh.

In my defense (of me to me?), I didn’t have any other symptoms the rest of the week. No headaches, no auras, no halos. So when I arrived in Morgantown on Friday night with a wicked headache, I assumed it was just because I needed to eat. When that didn’t work, I figured sleep would take care of it. If I had thought to pack ibuprofen, I probably would’ve taken that, but I didn’t, so I went to sleep.

Even when the intensity of the headache woke me up later that night, even when I spent an hour vomiting, even when I was feverish and miserable, it never once crossed my mind that I might have a migraine.

That morning, the headache was much better and the nausea had substantially subsided, so I thought it was just a fluke thing–maybe something I ate.

Finally, two and a half days later, I realized that it was a migraine (duh). Had I paid better attention, I could’ve just taken some precautions (Excedrin Migraine as soon as the symptoms start usually works for me) and avoided the whole thing.

Ugh. Life.


6 thoughts on “Suffering Through My Own Stupidity

  1. Alison says:

    I get the exact same migraines! Sometimes I wonder if maybe I’m going blind until I remember it is just a migraine 🙂 I have had prescription medications but Exedrin Migraine works the best!! Aww family, we get to share the BEST things!

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