Running Stuff

So. Running stuff. Just like any other runner, I like to try new things here and there and see if they’ll change my life. (Yes, I dream big.)


A while back, the Sunglasses Shop offered to send me a pair of sport sunglasses to try out. I love free stuff (duh), and in all honesty, I’ve been looking for a pair of sunglasses for running for quite some time, so I was definitely game.

The Sunglasses Shop has all kinds of fancy sunglasses, but since I specifically wanted a running pair, I spent an exorbitant amount of time browsing through their sport sunglasses. Since they stock basically every pair of sunglasses on the planet–for running, cycling, baseball, fishing, kite surfing? (you get the idea)–it took me quite some time to pick something out.

Can I just say how hard it is to choose a pair of sunglasses without trying them on? I have an oddly tiny face/head, so everything tends to look a little goofy on me. I did my best, though, and eventually settled on the Dirty Dog Clank Sunglasses.

Dirty dog

They’re maybe a tiny bit big for my face, but as far as functionality goes, these are awesome. They stay on my face, don’t bounce, don’t fog up–basically everything I want out of running sunglasses. Good work those Dirty Dog Sunglasses people have done.

Gentle Leader Puppy Harness

Next up, the Gentle Leader harness. If you have a dog or will ever have a dog and run, you need one of these. It’s a head harness that is totally comfy for puppy, but prevents pulling for you.

IMG 1489

Hers is actually a little too loose here, but you get the idea. It fits over her face but behind her mouth, and fastens at the back. I’ve tried a bunch of different harnesses, and this is the only one that actually keeps her from pulling. She’s still not perfect on it, but it’s a vast improvement from anything else I’ve tried.

IMG 1472

She loves it. I swear.

Ok, she doesn’t love it, but she’s getting used to it. And as soon as we start running, she’s so happy that she totally forgets about it.

Summer Duds

I cannot adequately express how in love I am with my Lululemon Speed Shorts. Yes, they are pricey. But I just got my second pair, and I prefer running in them so much more than any other shorts I have. They’re comfortable, flattering, and have 10 zillion pockets. I know it’s a lot to spend on a pair of running shorts, but given the fact that I run on more days of my life than not, I can justify the expense.

Running duds

The other piece I’m kind of obsessed with is this running tank from Gap. It fits and feels like cotton, but it’s wicking, so when you sweat, it doesn’t get super heavy. I need to buy a few more before they’re out of stock. Even though I know they’re not specifically in their running line, they work for me. The blue one in the sunglasses pic above (not that you can see it all that well) is my other fav. I have it in black, too, and it’s probably tied with this white one. Gap makes good running stuff!

P.S. Sunglasses Shop offered these sunglasses to me at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion, and that’s what you got! The rest of this stuff is just stuff I like–no affiliation or free stuff involved. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Running Stuff

  1. I recently did a post like this too! too funny!

    I have an old pair of speed shorts that I ran in a few years ago when my thighs were a little daintier, haha. I should maybe try them out again, but they just seem so tiny!

    my runglasses are a total lifesaver as well. i have the oakley twentysix.2’s and i paid way too much for them. oh well!

    • Ooh! Headed to check out your post!

      I think that if you love the runglasses, they’re worth it! Plus, it’s not like you only wear them once in a while. Us runners NEED sunglasses, you know? 🙂

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