Training to Run a Half Marathon PR

You guys.

You need to read this article about training to run a half marathon PR.

OK–maybe those of you who don’t run don’t want to read it.

But! The rest of you: READ IT.

I, for one, am completely smitten by it and immediately want to find another half to train for so I can implement these ideas because I’m a super nerdy runner like that.

So this all started because I came across this article and started rambling to Manfriend about it via gchat.

Manfriend is not a runner.

He’s plenty athletic (he plays all the sports), but my running rambles got stale for him pretty quickly. It was basically this scenario:

It’s Not About the Nail from Jason Headley on Vimeo.

So. I reverted to my usual first reaction: emailing this lady, obvi. But I wanted to talk about it MOAR. And here we are.

My favoritest parts of this read include, but are not limited to:

  1. Long Runs. I wonder if adding a 2 hour run every week would help build aerobic capacity long term? Or does this just work during training and require downtime (ie., non-training time) to be effective?
  2. Strides! Why am I not doing these? I don’t know why I never do strides, but I should, especially given that they take almost no time and very little effort. Same with incorporating fartleks. I used to do intervals fairly regularly, but almost never do now. At least not running intervals. HIIT is a different story.
  3. Hills. I know running uphill is great for training, but what about downhill? The part about running downhill and strengthening quads is so smart, especially for a course like the one I just ran, which is a very gradual downhill course.
  4. Lactate Thresholds.  Funny, I was just talking to my co-worker (who used to be a rower) about this. Apparently, you reach a point in your workout where you start producing lactic acid (you know, the part that really hurts), and you can’t push yourself any further. Your body literally starts to break down. (Yes, literally). I think it’s interesting that you can increase it, though. I want to do that!
  5. Last Miles = Fast Miles. I know you’re supposed to pick up the pace at the end of long runs, but I always go out too fast and then get tired. If I could pace myself better, I know this would help me.

Anyway, the article is written by Greg Strosaker who is a marathon runner, author, and online running coach. I was pretty impressed with the quick look I took around his site. Definitely worth a follow.


11 thoughts on “Training to Run a Half Marathon PR

  1. I must bookmark this and read it when I’m wanting to run fast again. Thanks for sharing! I do like the idea of strides — I need to look into those. And hills – I need to find some. Running on an incline on the treadmill is just not the same thing!

  2. Oh I am looking to PR this fall at a half (actually I want to get a sub2) thanks for the article and I love the nail video. I saw it last week and showed it to my husband, we both agreed this is how the majority of our conversations sound like

    • Awesome! I can’t wait to hear how these work for you!

      Yeah, Manfriend and I said the same. I was gchatting him today, and he actually referenced this video 🙂 ha

    • I’d have to agree on that one. No upcoming race. I just like the idea of incorporating some of this into my training.


  3. The nail video made me laugh harder than anything in a long time. I showed it to my husband, and he deadpanned – “I don’t know what you think is so funny. That is serious everyday life!” OMG, hilarious!!
    Thanks also for the link to the training tips. I read PreDawn Runner, but had not seen this. It comes at a good time as I have been looking for some ways to change up and improve my training. thanks!

    • Ha! Yeah, super relatable, that’s for sure!

      Good luck with your training. I can’t wait to read how it goes!


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