1. Listening.


I was just thinking a couple weeks ago that I hadn’t heard any great summer songs yet. Then this popped up on the radio almost immediately, and I can’t get enough. Happy making.

2. Wearing.

Mildly obsessed with these tinted lip balms. I have no idea why I waited so long to hop on this bandwagon, but I’m quite confident it will only be a matter of time before I own the entire collection. So much goodness. Sheer color so you’re fancier than old-fashioned Chapstick and feel like a real grown up. Yep.

3. Sporting.


Yes, I shop at H&M and totes purchased and am sporting this fluorescent skirt ($12.95) and screen printed tiger tank ($5.95). My inner 13 year old loves it. Who am I kidding? My inner 33 year old does, too.

4. Drinking.

Still can’t get enough kombucha. Manfriend showed up with a case of it the other night (buy one, get one free at Whole Foods!). He gets me.

5. Eating.

Roasted cauliflower and chickpeas with curry. Israeli couscous. Pinenuts. Basil. Lemon. #vegan 😉 Seriously could not stop eating this. I wound up eating the leftovers cold over a bed of spinach for added greenness. So yum.

6. Reading.

OK, so it’s not the book in the picture, but how cute is my dog?!? Anyway, it’s Fortune’s Rocks time! I’ve mentioned it before, but I read this book every year around the summer solstice (since that’s when it takes place). If you haven’t read this book, please do. It’s one of my very favorite, most beloved books ever. I want to hug it. For serious.

7. Sweating.

HIIT TabataMore Daily HIIT butt kicking! Loving lots of tabata/interval workouts the last couple of weeks. I’m still running, but far fewer miles. This workout leaves me dripping with sweat, challenged, and only takes 17 minutes! It’s good to feel like I’m getting some of my strength and muscle tone back, too.


7 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. I cannot see some of your images. I WANT to know what you are listening to, but my computer is not letting me!

    Did I tell you that I read Fortune Rocks on my honeymoon? I LOOOOVED that book so much too. I think it’s Anita Shreve’s best book.

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