The Best Burger Recipe

Happy Labor Day, kids!

I hope that you are all lucky enough to have today off and are having some good Labor Day fare in the form of a barbecue or whatever makes you happy! Smile

Last night, my mom’s co-workers came over for a pre-school year BBQ. There was a LOT of food.


And beer . . .


And especially my mom’s homemade guacamole which happens to be one of my favorite things on the planet!


Which happens to be heavenly on top of lime tortilla chips.


Oh, and we had dinner, too. Sweet corn on the cob and my special hamburger recipe!


Guess I’m living it up in the beef department this weekend!


To make my burgers, I add a heaping spoonful of fresh salsa for each pound of meat, plus kosher salt and fresh pepper, then just mix it in and form it into patties. It makes the burgers super moist and flavorful, without making them taste like salsa.


So easy, it’s not even a recipe. You should totally try it. Just saying.

I also made half a batch of Devil Ultimate Cookies.


These things are so freaking good, it’s all I can do not to eat the entire batch—or bowl of cookie dough, for that matter. Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, toffee bits, and oatmeal inside, then sprinkled with sea salt on the outside.


If you make these and can eat fewer than half a dozen, please let me know how. I just could not keep my hands off the plate!



I’ve been indulging in more than my fair share of desserts over the last week or so, and I feel pretty icky. Don’t get me wrong, I (obviously) love me some dessert, but I need to work on portion control. Going to bed every night feeling sick probably isn’t the best for me, huh? I just seem to forget about that after a stressful day when a plate of cookies or cake or brownies is perched in front of me. Maybe I need to tie a string around my finger?

I’m chalking it up to stress and not worried too much. I’ll get my act together one of these days! Winking smile

Today, it decided to be fall in Michigan. Just like that. Saturday, it’s in the 90s, today . . .


This is the part where I second guess my decision to move back here. Holy balls! It’s cold out there! Sad smile

I think I may need to wear actual socks and shoes! I don’t even know where any socks and shoes are right now . . . frightening.

Anyway, it’s a good day for the mall and a movie, so that’s where I’m headed. Finally going to see The Help. I devoured the book like a plate of buttercream frosting, so I’m hoping I enjoy the movie as much.

Seen any good movies this weekend???

My parents saw The Debt and said it was really good. I’d never even heard of it! Must reconnect with the outside world soon.


10 thoughts on “The Best Burger Recipe

  1. oooo my parents saw the Debt and said it was really good too!

    I really enjoyed the Help so I hope you do as well. I think the book was better, but that’s to be expected right? It’s been perfectly cool here the past two days, which has been delightful! Then again, cool to me is 77 (which is what it’s been… I die in 60 degree weather!)

  2. Girl, I hear you on the dessert front. Saturday night, I ate so many desserts that beer didn’t even sound good to me. BEER! For cryin’ out loud, that is like 70% of my body. Most people, it’s water. Me. Beer.

    Hubs and I watched Idiocracy this weekend. It’s older but it was really funny. Stupid funny, but still funny.

  3. i cant wait to try the burger recipe! i lurrve me a yummy burger!
    i have not seen ANY movies in a while~however, i just finished reading something borrowed by emily griffin and cant WAIT to rent the movie…have you seen it? it was easy reading and i loved it! i am dying to get the rest of her books now….lol…yes, it was THAT good! have a wonderful week…..

  4. L. says:

    Hey, I live in Michigan!!! 🙂 I feel like so many bloggers I find live where I live–it’s kinda awesome. But also what the heck? Life isn’t supposed to work that way!!! Anyway I am seriously LOVING this weather–fall in Michigan is gorgeous. If there were a place on earth that is like fall in Michigan all year, I’d move there. I hate too much heat–makes me overheated and sick! 🙂 Although more than heat, I despise our winters here. I want to move out as fast as possible come early February.

    • How fun! Where do you live?

      I’m not ready for fall. Just moving back from VA, it’s a bit of a shock to the system. I love fall in Michigan, but I’m a hot weather girl at heart!

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