Culinary Genius

I really wanted to blog yesterday. Really really. But the rest of my life had other plans! 12 hours of working and one Iron Strength workout later, I was in bed by 8 PM. I haven’t gone to bed that early since first grade when I got in trouble for not showing my mom a discipline slip. (So naughty). I had to go to be early and miss the Cosby Show. Devastating.


I know it was Bill Cosby’s show, but why wasn’t it called The Huxtable show or something like that? I mean, they were the Huxtables. Just saying.

Anyway, the good news is that despite a little craziness, I am sticking to my workout and meal plan! While I didn’t have time for the elliptical yesterday, I did get my strength training in, and I had a pretty excellent tempo run this morning.

Once again, I doubted myself when I saw my plan wanted a 7 mile tempo run with 5 miles @7:08 pace, but guess who did it? This girl!

103 5300

True story.

I’m also quite thrilled that my plan to make a Turkey Reuben Panini on Monday night turned out so well. Check it:


Sauerkraut and I are having a moment. Mildly obsessed. I know turkey reubens typically call for cole slaw, but I’ve always been a ‘kraut girl. I like a good turkey reuben when I’m eating out, but I’m pretty impressed that I made one this good at home! I actually made my own Russian dressing!

Turkey Reuben Panini

Serves 1

1 ciabatta roll (I used a whole grain one) with the insides scooped out

4 slices deli turkey

1/3 cup sauerkraut

For the dressing:

2 T. plain Greek yogurt

1 T. ketchup

1 T. finely minced dill pickle (or relish)

pinch each of onion & garlic powder

tiny splash red wine vinegar

Preheat your panini press. Mix all of the dressing ingredients together, then pile the ciabatta roll with sauerkraut, turkey, and dressing. Spray the outside of the roll with cooking spray to help it crisp up, then press for about 8 minutes, until bread is crunchy and filling is heated through. That’s it!


Perfectly crunchy and tangy! This will be making a repeat performance!


You know what else will be coming back? Roasted Green Beans!!!


I just tossed these with a little Garlic Gold, sea salt, and pepper, then roasted them at 425* for about 12 minutes. But the secret is a little squeeze of lemon juice at the end! Scrumptious! Yes, I went there. Scrumptious.

I still couldn’t get over the sauerkraut yesterday, so I made myself a giant kitchen sink salad, complete with sauerkraut and pickles. And no, I’m not pregnant. Unless you know something I don’t. 😉


I also piled on yellow pepper, radishes, grape tomatoes, carrots, deli turkey, and sunflower seeds. Random, I know, but it worked! Between this and the homemade Russian dressing, I’m pretty sure I’ve solidified my status as a culinary genius!


And it’s pretty. So you get to see 2 pictures of it. 🙂

In other news, I completely forgot to mention some excitement I have coming up in April! Fellow Michigan native and one of the fittest bloggers I know (seriously, girl is ripped) Corey is running her first half marathon this spring! And guess who’s running it with her???

DSC 0007

That would be me! 😀

I was so excited when Corey asked me if I’d like to run her first half with her when she’s visiting Michigan this April! She said she felt inspired by my race in Richmond and was ready to take the plunge herself. Besides being insanely flattered, I am totally up for it! I can’t wait!

Since there’s no actual race happening when she’s in town, we thought we’d create our own. Beforehand, I’ll map out a route around Ann Arbor, and we’ll hit the pavement for a race just for 2! YAY!

As further evidence of what a total sweetie she is, I got this in the mail!


Yep, just like the one she’s wearing above! 😀 I love it! Thanks, Corey!

Go on over and give Corey some love–did I mention she lives in Trinidad??? Yeah, pretty sweet. On second thought, I should be going there instead of her coming here!

Had any culinary genius moments lately?

Have you run any races with blog friends?

Aside from this one with Corey, the chances that I’ll be running a half at the end of this month in Miami are very good, which means I’ll get to hang out with these ladies. 😀

24 thoughts on “Culinary Genius

  1. Awe……thanks girl! You are SO sweet. I love the green shirt. SO cute. I bet it looks great on you. 🙂 I am SO very excited for April – I had a wonderful speed/hill 6 miles today and Saturday I complete another PR – 9 miles. Not worried. I can totally do this. Thats sucks about your garmin girl…did u return it? Mine works so well…even the gps here in Trinidad…its awesome. My hill today was 1034 feet hill. crazy right? great place for some speed sprints uphill…..

  2. Excellent question about The Cosby Show! Never thought about it before.

    You are such a speedy girl! I have to live vicariously through your fast runs …

    And, yum! Your panini (and salad and green beans) look delicious! I love sauerkraut and pickles, too.

  3. What is that? A rabbit jumping over the Ov Glove? LOL I like the shirt! I just don’t know what that is!
    Girl you are getting so speedy it’s ridiculous. You are my inspiration. For real.

    • How did you guess??? That’s *exactly* what that is! LOL No, it’s Michigan–the upper and lower peninsula. Don’t worry, when we meet, I’ll point to where I live on my hand. You will LOVE it.

      And–shucks! Thank you! I still surprise myself every single time. It’s nuts! I guess you really can do anything you put your mind to! 😀

  4. You’re so right about The Cosby Show! I never gave it a second thought or questioned it before. Hmmm…

    Great job staying on plan! Your meals are looking yummy. Keep it up, girly!

    Your run in April sounds like fun! I think my sister and I are going for a Triathlon in June. It’s going to be an adventure since neither of us has any experience. Have to love sister time though. 🙂

  5. So many thoughts on this post…let me list them for you;-)
    1. So happy that you shared that recipe… tomorrows dinner!
    2. LOVE that Mitten shirt. L-O-V-E!
    3. You are so damn speedy! A machine! An inspiration!
    4. I would love to run a race with you, but item #3 means that you would blow me out of the water! But hey, then you can cheer me on when I cross the finish line;-)
    5. You would have a BLAST in Miami with those girls!

    Ok, that is all for now friend!

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